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Terms and Conditions

Minimum Charge. There is a $20 minimum on all orders.

Graphic Formats. All graphics will be created in either GIF or JPEG format. There is an option to receive the actual Photoshop files with layers at an extra charge.

Bestdisign retain all copyrights to the graphics etc. We grant the customer exclusive rights to use them.

Bestdisign retain the right to use them as examples of our work and to use them on our website for this purpose.

Bestdisign do not retain the right to reuse or re-sell them in any other fashion, unless the graphic is rejected or not paid for. Likewise, the customer may not re-sell the graphics unless a separate copyright has been purchased, generally at a premium charge.

Regular jobs are taken in the order in which they are received and are worked on as soon as possible.

Priority jobs are given preferential treatment over regular jobs. If you require a priority job, inform us at the time of ordering. You must tell us the deadline for the job at this time. This cannot be changed. Priority work is charged at three times the regular rate.

We can be hired to undertake urgent work, in which case your order will take precedence over other work. You will, however be charged TEN times the normal rate for the work. If there is no deadline for your work, I will charge you the regular, discount rate.

We will accept payment by check or money order or online through PayPal.

All graphics will be either e-mailed or posted to a website for you to download. If you wish to receive them on media as well, CD or floppy, it will cost extra to cover processing, the media and shipping. Add $5 per floppy and $10 per CD.

Any alterations of any sort will be charged at our normal hourly rate.

No project will be started until an initial, non-refundable down payment has been received.

In the event that complete payment is never received for completed graphics, Bestdisign will retain all rights to said graphics and may re-sell them and redistribute them as appropriate. I will never redistribute any custom graphics that have been paid for in their entirety, as they become property of the purchaser.

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